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P.S- routines or facts-es,s,ies  

P.C- things at the moment in
PA.S- ed(last night,in 123,on friday(completed action)) didn´t PA.C(yesterday, afternoon ago(two or more situa while as when)) was were

will won,t(make predictions, spontaneous decisions, promisses/offers)
be going to( plans decsions predicitons evidentes) 
-action that will posible acts in the future if a condition takes place if/P.S/will 
-hypothetical situation related to the present if /P.S/would
P.PERF.S- action starts in the past continuous in present have/had -ed (for since)

/a/an-sing count nouns/   /some- plu coun nouns/  /any/  /a lot of- plu coun nouns/  /many- plu count nouns/  /much-unc nouns nega y interroga/  /a few- coun plur nouns/  /a little- unc nouns/ 


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