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Basic principles: in 1898, handball was invented in Denmark and in 1910 as deporte.donde reglement really takes strength is in Germany and was given the name of handball x 1928, the haspatum is playing handball to the Romans . Modalities to the top 11 players played in 1925 became the first game between two countries, germany and austria, en1946 was created the International Handball Federation in 1935 was played the first seven handball players from Sweden and Germany, in 1938 was the first world championship in the 2 modalities Modalities 11y 7 11 was Olympian in 1936 in Berlin, handball to stop playing 11 in 1966, handball in 1972 starts at 7 until oday. Basic Actions : boat: it is an auxiliary technical action when I'm the only one that can be taken with opposite boto.Solo 3 sengundos the ball in his hand and sees the need to move away from the opponent and stop play. types of passes: classic front, classic side of hip, high in suspension, in pronation, in tray, curtain and lock, with two hands at chest height. types of throws: supporting, regular, intermediate, hip, low support , grinding crash, the setbacks, fall in suspension. Field of play: rectangular 40 x 20 and sta divided into two, the goals are Anxo 3m high and 2 on each side apart from the sporterias have two areas, there is a continuous area and you can not tread is 9 m and is where the faults are removed, one line between the two areas peqeña to 7 m from the porter that is where you make the penalties. Players: There are two teams with 2 porters and camp x 7 players one goalkeeper in the dock is 5 players x if ai expulsions, there is a maximum of seven in a field and a minimum of 5 players. Types of players: there are three players in the first line and 3 in the second, lateral left, center right side, far right, pivot left. Length of game: two halves of 30 min. and a 10-minute break, in handball if there may be important if a tie, there are prologues and prefaces each lasting five minutes.

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