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This is a series of four short stories, set in the time of the Spanish Civil War

located in the same coordinates historical and common themes. The stories range from four defeated in the Spanish Civil War, the beginning of the war, and also stresses the leitmotif.

"The first story is called if the heart would stop beating think. Is the story of Captain Carlos Alegría, tired of cruelty and violence decides to give up war. The pro-Franco side, he was imprisoned and executed, but the officer is only wounded and wandering days without knowing where. In the end it stopped again and then grabs the gun from a guard and commits suicide.

"In the second, it is the diary of a young poet The Minuteman try to flee with his girlfriend, Elena, eight months pregnant. The woman has a child on the road and dies in childbirth. The father with his son last few weeks, hiding in a field and feed your child with some cows. At the end die, I found the skeleton, along with her baby.

- The third story is the language of the dead. How much the story of a convict who was health was tried before then getting exposure to a colonel who was responsible for the care of his son who is part of the court before he was shot. This revelation makes it depart from the executed. For the militia will talk about the child, the colonel brings his wife. The guard tells him that he was a hero fifth columnist and garnish each one of the details you remember about him instead of telling the truth (he was a thief and murderer), the woman brings clothes and food every time he comes to talk with him, and continues to elude the pack. However, this situation of lies just tired and decides to throw in his face the whole truth. Shoot him immediately. The official Franco of the first story, works here as a secondary character ...."The last story: This is the story of Richard, a Republican hiding at home and protected by his wife Elena and his son, whom they create habits and rules that Ricardo can not be neither seen nor heard nadi A deacon of the school the child becomes infatuated with the mother of the house and visit it from time to time under the guise of concern for the boy's education and wish to send you to a seminar. Finally, attempted rape of women and men out of the closet about it. The deacon leaves the house calling the police and Ricardo commits suicide by jumping out the window before his wife and son

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