The Boy in the Striped Pajamas

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Bruno is a nine year old boy, lives in Berlin with his parents and his sister Mary, the family servant.
One day upon arriving at school, Bruno discovers that Mary is stirring up her things and putting them in boxes. The
with all education from a wealthy family asked him to stir her things, Maria was limited
to bring to Mother. Bruno I ask Mother Mary to stir her things, Mother told him to
would move a few days for the work of a father who was very important. Bruno did not really know what was the
father's work, his neck had told him, only knew that he had `` Furies''for major projects, that and
who had a fabulous full uniform ornaments. I asked Mother if she would go too far and told him that if,
Bruno away from Berlin and changed his expression one of surprise `` what will happen with the school, home and
friends?''Bruno said, Mother told him he would have to stop them for a while, thought Bruno
His sister Gretel should stay home to care that it was stupid. Bruno went to his room
and began to pack.
When Bruno saw his new house is much astonishment `` That house is the opposite of the above''was ugly,
small, was in a desolate place and no house nearby. I could not believe they were going to live in that house.
Bruno got into his new room reluctantly to unpack once above, was undoing the
luggage when she heard a man up, Bruno thought it was Father, but it was not, this was shorter and younger
that Father, but had the same kind of uniform but without many frills, and was very serious. Bruno asked
who was that Maria told him that one of the soldiers of the Father.
Bruno was convinced it would have been better to leave Berlin Gretel that was stupid, even
and needed someone to play with and only she was. Gretel At least this place seemed so ugly
as to the. Gretel said that those who lived here before Auchviz lost their jobs in very fast and
had to leave (all assumptions of Gretel) Gretel said that those who lived here before they were told
`` Disappear from here. I look for someone who can do better''and brought father. Bruno told his
sister that he would miss his friends, and she said the same. A Continuation Bruno said that the
other children did not seem so nice, Gretel said `` other children? Bruno''led her to the window
his room, Gretel asked who were those people, who were not only children and that sort of place was that
and where were the girls, mothers and grandmothers. The funny thing was that these people were following a
huge fence. Later they saw in the distance shouting soldiers to children, the more they shouted
more were piling up and standing in a line `` These children are very dirty, not the kind of kids
I want to play with,''said Gretel.
Bruno came up he could talk to Father about it. Bruno call the office door of Father
which could not enter under any circumstances and without exception. Bruno call with courage and go, Father
surprised to see him, Father asked his opinion of her new home, Bruno said he did not like and
they should return to Berlin, Father said this was her new home, which was Auchviz their new home.
Bruno longed to grandparents more than anything in the world. One day they came to Grandmother Auchviz and discussed with
Father on and never returned.

Bruno one day when walking near the fence was a point that it became a speck that is
became a blur that became a figure who became a child. Bruno fixed bearing
the same striped pajamas that were on the other side of the fence, had a look of sadness in
His face had not had shoes or socks and dirty feet and arm had a bracelet with a
star (the star of David) and his skin was almost gray color. Bruno said it was exploring and to
had found. My name is Shmuel said the boy, and I Bruno, `` Do you have many friends? Bruno said,''and
Shmuel told him that if Bruno, Bruno gave a lot of envy, Shmuel asked where he was and told Bruno
than Berlin Germany, and Samuel said he was Polish, `` and where is that,''Bruno said, `` we are in
Poland,''said Shmuel.
One night long ago the `` Furies''wine to dinner at his house, told her father that night had to
perfect, that the `` Furies''had great plans for the.
The `` Furies''told him that I had to come here, that was the right man and was very proud of
so work. When the `` Furies''was gone, father and mother began to argue and Bruno had to go to the
bed and could not hear anything.
Bruno every day at the same time going to see Shmuel who was always there. Bruno asked about his
bracelet, Bruno said that his father had another bracelet but that was different (this had the Nazi swastika).
Shmuel told him as they had been brought there, and Bruno was not very pleasant. Bruno always brought
Shmuel food and this was very grateful.
Bruno asked him one day Gretel was her fence, she told him that there were all the same
Class: Jews, `` and they are there, going, not like us''
Bruno said it is `` not like is that they do not like us,''said Gretel.
Bruno had contracted lice (for being with Shmuel) and Father decided it was best raparle hair when
will look in the mirror is fixed in that was much like Samuel, but fatter.
One day after a long Father told mother was right, that this was not the best place to raise a
children and should return to Berlin.
Bruno said they turned Berlin Shmuel, Shmuel was saddened. Bruno said he would have liked to play
with him and see where he lived closer, and Shmuel told him he could go if he wanted to bruno liked the idea,
but if he was dressed well Pillari, Shmuel said he could give striped pajamas as his, that
I knew where you were kept. The two agreed.
Bruno was on Friday where Shmuel was put on his striped pajamas and went inside. Bruno thought she would see
happy families in their huts. But when he arrived there was quite the opposite: The houses were ugly, children
not playing in groups, there were stalls of fruit and vegetables, the only thing that had groups of people were sad
staring at the ground `` I do not like, I should go home,''said Bruno, but at the same
there came a whistle, and about ten soldiers who surrounded the camp area `` passing''said
bruno organize marches `` sometimes''said Shmuel and told him to shut up if not the soldiers
get mad Bruno said that if the marches last long it was going to catch cold, but now
Bruno began to go where they would not see that was shorter, rose about and entered a
room that seemed airtight, Bruno is glad that at least no rain. Suddenly he turned off the
lights and everything exploded into chaos.

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