The fundamental problems of philosophy

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"Spirituality: The ultimate nature of reality is spiritual, spiritual phenomena, products of the human mind can not be reduced to matter, nor explained from mechanical or organic laws governing natural events.
-Sensual: The reality is reduced to the information you give us the senses

"The question of being 'Language and Reality': When we say that something is, indicates that the philosophical question involves a reflection of thought from the language in which it is expressed, and therefore a question to what extent can the sense (logic), points to the fact that language and thought says that it expresses. Language is the element in which reality itself is revealed, opening all those who speak a plexus of related meanings.
"The question of being 'Some conceptual pairs': 1) Essence / Appearance: the essence is what it is if, as is actually" true "and the look is what we see what we perceive the image gives us whatever it is, for example a plastic bottle that looks (look) and it is actually glass (essence).
2) Sensitive / Intelligible: Sensitive is what we perceive, and understood the value or significance of either we give what we perceive. For example we hear someone reading (sensitive) and what we understand and value we give to what you read (intelligible).
3) Substance / Accidents: The substance is what you can not change without changing the very thing with which we deal, and the accident is something that if you can not change the fundamental nature of things as accidents are the properties of things.
4) Power / Current: The reality is changing, then what is now will not be what it once was. The power: the possibility that something will change over time, regardless of what is today, because being at present the possibility of change is determined to stop being what it is to be anything else, by example I can be a

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