The grief

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José Limón (1864-1934)
TI tol: Desconsol Timeline: 1907 Location: National Museum of Catalan Art (MNAC)
Modernism and material symbolism Aná lysis
67 cm (width) x 76cm (length) x 67 cm (height) Material: Marble Tea cnic: size forms: free Type: seated color: Monochrome Condition: Good

Formal Analysis:
A woman, half kneeling.Fabric: Body smooth. Female Nude. No hidden among the winding arm bone and hair artist n'amaga face not to fall into what is descriptive and specific. Hands intertwined in a clear sign of abatement. Attitude of weakness and fragility. Hand s maximum rest, Abse ncia total movement. Kneeling on three steps. Skeleton structural clear contrast between the volume of the round body of the woman, where the lens bends sound NIES No predominant, and the straightness and rigidity of three steps. No differences upper mú you are giving maximum print hand scrubbing. Body completely bent in front, scoring a curve also seen from the side. Torso perfect, yes perfect mbol the female anatomy. Not worked realistically.
Expresses the absolute depression, grief. Effects of light and shadows reflected in the smooth forms that are marked on the body. Uniform light that slides over the body, creating areas of soft chiaroscuro. Smooth contrasts harshly. Hair, hands and feet Mé s rough finish. The face is hidden. Breasts, abdomen, legs and arm bone carved with great precision and detallisme (vitalism of the figure). Figure asimè Tricia, closed in itself.
The great contrast of textures
Does expressive purposes
The smoothness of the profiles of the wavy body and smoothness of the marble carving fully modernist still stands in relation to Mé s rectilinitat and support asprositat rocky s.
Modeling vanished, like Rodin, smooth contours and imprecise express Mé s life. The show Desconsol influè ncia in the great artist of Auguste Rodin. The jaw Desconsol Danaide Rodin, dated in 1885 and has also modeled the soft composition, the effort to get moving and reach Xima expression and the proper use of light.

Interpretation: s us using the posture of the body, gesture, he conveys the sense, proving its ability to give life and sensitivity to their sculptures. No gloom and pain feelings that transmits soundsculpture, and reflect the state of neem à Lemon at the time, who had lost his wife and was ill. Her naked young girls have no sensuality, with an aura of chastity and purity. Jose Limon's fame was due to treatment given to the female figure, emerging from the marble block, as had Michael Angeles, where this source can still be seen on the big piece, Pra cticament without working on which supports women.
Presented at the Fifth International Exhibition of Fine Arts in Barcelona in 1907, Desconsol earned honors.
The sculpture belonged Gurp escultò first to target a rich pantheon funeral despre s becoming an independent work style of Joseph Lemon represents the expression of an independent artist, who releases his work under the architect nic, although modernist sculpture also was intended to occupy this site (Blay). Modernist sculpture é sl'expressió of freedom of the artist to the academic cla SSiC and filled houses, pu blica buildings, streets, cemeteries ...Joseph Lemon Bruguera (Barcelona 1864-1934). Being a boarder at Rome by a grant from the city of Barcelona, made the sketches for the sculpture Ramon Berenguer the Great in 1881, today is still in the square of the same name in Barcelona. His early works were academic bits, but after a stay in Paris s influenced by Rodin, his style has drifted towards modernism. He did extensive work ssim, doing exhibitions in Catalonia, Madrid, Paris s, Brussels and Buenos Aires. He sculpted funerary work estuary for several mausoleums cemeteries, highlighting The A ngel exterminator Cemetery of Comillas. He had many since rrecs for monuments.
He founded with his brother, the painter John Lemon STIC Arti Circle of St. Luke in 1892.

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