The Hound of the Baskervilles

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Dr. Mortimer: Physician. Honest. He found a skull in Long Town.
Sherlock Holmes: Detective.
Watson: Sherlock Holmes Companion, Detective.
Hugo Baskerville (Devonshire). Henry Baskerville (Henry).
Roger and John and Elizabeth.
Death in Devon Coupntry Chronicle 14/06.
Married Barrymore - Husband: Steward, Butler. Wife: Housekeeper.
Gypsy Murphy, not known how he died.
Palace Purple = Baskerville.
Cartwright: postman who delivered the letter to Henry - Barrymore.
Northumberland Hotel. Boot - Theophilus Johnson and Flia. Newcastle. Oldmore Lady and her maid.
LETTER-print newspaper.
Spy black beard: He followed.
John Clayton asked the mystery man was called Sherlock.
Jaime Desmond: Another heir, man.
Selden: Inmates. Brother of Mrs. Barrymore. Princetown Prison.
Grimpen Swamp: He swallowed the animals were rare butterflies. Hound.
Miss Stapleton: Bonita
LL Letter: Sir Henry. Laura Lyons of Coombe trace Frankland's daughter, the naturalist.
Watson spoke with the father of Laura Frankland, the telescope. Cartwright saw.
Hugo Baskerville = Stapleton.
Stapleton was going to pay for divorce from Laura, but it was not, was used.
Final: Holmes and Watson in Baker Street, two more cases after the beagle.
Henry and Mortimer in London.
Stapleton Regeiro Son's older brother - evil intentions.

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