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Luces de Bohemia is a grotesque published by Valle-Inclán in 1924. This is a tragic absurdity of literary life in Spanish society. The protagonist, Max Estrella, leaves in the morning of your home with Don Latino, to claim that you pay more for the novel that has sold Don Latino. Fails to improve the price and end up in a bar getting drunk. Hours later, police on the street is putting scandal with a group of young modernists so it is taken to jail, where she has to spend the night. Get out of jail thanks to the intervention of an editor of the newspaper El Popular. " When going out to see the Minister of Interior, former classmate, to ask satisfaction for what has happened. Minister promises to give money each month but does not give satisfaction. Hence, a coffee place where invited to dinner at Don Latino and Ruben Dario. Already on his way home has a vision of death and the next morning he was found dead a few neighbors. The absurdity ends with the burial of Max and how Latino Don gets drunk at a tavern. All esperpento aims to highlight the decline and the impossibility of literary life in Spanish society. Valle-Inclán ironically, grotesquely stylized satire and reality.

The main characters in the play are Max Estrella and Don Latino Hispalis but many other characters appear.

Star Max is a frustrated poet who has gone blind. His work does not succeed and so do not earn enough to eat. It is tragic that, being blind, is the only character who sees the reality, a reality captured by defining the grotesque.

It is a tragic character, buffeted by the author. He lives in a society indifferent to the literary work, not only itself but also that of others.

His wife and daughter are more realistic than him. They live in reality and understand that not only does man live art. They spend plenty of trouble and ultimately death of the father, committed suicide.

Latino Don is a frequent companion Max. It takes advantage of his generosity, but at the end of the play is the only one who has realized that the world is a sham, a grotesque.

Also featured in the youth group works a modernist, you laugh, make fun of society. They alone estimated at Max as a poet and appreciate it.

Appear lower-class characters Madrid, all caricatured, distorted, to highlight the bad, the absurdity of Spain, its customs and its people.

Valle caricatures, laugh at his characters, tossed like puppets. He makes no psychological study. All characters wear a mask behind which hides the author.

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