The linguistic situation in Spain

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UNIT 14 The linguistic situation in ESPPAÑA: LANGUAGE AND DIALECTS OF SPAIN A dialect is the language variety of the same language. A dialect becomes a language when you start writing, and beginning to be used as a vehicle in reading, politics, ... and begins to have linguistic rules. Three of the four languages spoken in Spain, the Galician, Castilian and Catalan are Romance Romance Romance or because they come from or are derived from Latin. The Basque or Euskera, another Spanish language, and spoke on the Peninsula before the arrival of the Romans and is therefore: peninsular oldest language.
The Castilian or Spanish is the official language of all the State and lives in some areas with other languages. Therefore, quite extensive areas of our country is a situation of bilingualism. The Basque, Galician, Catalan and Valencian are official languages in their respective territories, and each has different geographical varieties. In addition to the aforementioned languages and their varieties, varieties in Spain coming directly from Latin, as the Aragonese and Leonese. So, the Aragonese and Leonese are two Romance languages are spoken by a minority in some areas of Spain. Both were declared endangered languages by UNESCO in the late twentieth century.

"The Castilian was the Castilian dialect of Latin that, by historical circumstances, became the common language. The Castilian spoken today in the Spanish and Latin America. It speaks also in parts of southern and eastern United States, in places of the Philippines, Africa and countries in which they settled the iudíos expelled from Spain. Varieties of Castilian:
The Castilian has different varieties in Andalusia, Extremadura, Murcia and the Canary Islands, in addition to the varieties of American countries.. The Andalusian. The most characteristic features of the Andalusian are:
-Suction and sometimes disappearance of the final s: libroh mih-aspiration of the 'j', the phoneme / x /: muhér
Ryl-Confusion between the end of syllable or word: my gun-Sese or pronunciation of kick as s: senis-Cecco or pronunciation of the s as coz: Zeviya · the Extremadura. It has features of León and Andalusia. In the north of Extremadura, Leon and features predominate in the southern Andalusian traits. The most characteristic features of Extremadura are:-Suction and sometimes disappearance of the s end of syllable or word: mih-Aspiration libroh j, the phoneme / x /: muhér.-Ryl Confusion at the end of syllable or word or extinction: Conservation group caloric mb: lick-aspiration of Latin initial f: Higher

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