The origin of the earth

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earth was formed 4600 million years / the earth was formed from gas and dust nebula dune, makes the 4600 millions dans gas and dust were contracted to cause expansive canvas lexplosio star dunk was condense.
Archean (4600-2500) Proterozoic (570) Cambrian (500) Ordovician (435) Silurian (395) Devon (345) caronífer (280) Permian (230) Triassic (195) Jurassic (145) Cretaceous (65) Tertiary (1.8) Quaternary (0.01)
The calculation of time in geology is the absolute and relative dating, labsoluta can find ledat real rock but "radiometry" (lexistencia delements radioactive rock, is comparing the relative number of events and determine if my old k or another recently.
principles can reconstruct k l listoria ground principle of the super-position of strata, say k Roke sediments is deposited in horizontal layers or strata. principle of acualisme says k k geologic processes are passing today are the same the last k The Fossil, are mineralized desers remain alive, fingerprints or traces of an k done. Fossilization remains decompose and if x covers keden fossilize the fossilitzacion any material changes are made Kimiko k k pasi organic matter to be Inorganica

The Precambrian is letapa + long land and formed the k k lescorça Continental is currently the core. the Precambrian began to see life created the first organisms pluricelulars. they see changes in akesta stage was aumentar the saline concentration of the sea and formed an oxide no atmosphere.
The Phanerozoic is short leo + x is formed in the Paleozoic and Mesozoic cenzoic.
appeared in the Palaeozoic with spices and other hard parts closkes k favoring fosilitzacio in Callinicus the Palaeozoic land masses were gradually displaced and formed one, appeared to Palaeozoic vertebrates (fish). Akesta in the Mesozoic era the continents were divided into 2 and began to see reptiles and dakesta was the most abundant were the dinosaurs. They also seem to birds and mammals at the end was dakesta many species disappeared in the caudal climate change. In enozoic c can be done the last movements of continents and land mammals were Conkers, the birds lost their teeth. Also lower the average temperature and caused glaciasions hominids also appeared and evolved to the human species.

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