The polarization and the Cold War

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The terms and bipolar Cold War, are related, are used to describe the global structure of division by 2 antagonistic blocs formed after the second world war, and international relations occurred between ellos.Finalizada q war, fall into two broad blocks, led the 2 x superpowers: the United States and the Union Sovietica.EEUU called Western bloc and Western, capitalist bloc, block democratic or American bloc and the Soviet Union, Eastern bloc or the East bloc Communist bloc or sovietico.No there was a total homogeneity among bloques.Por example, belonged authentic western dictatorships, but were characterized by their anti-communism and by its position estrategica.La demarcation between the blocks are not always kept equal and varied over time, in Europe there a clear line between the capitalist countries and communist ideologies, which Churchill called the <<telon of acero>>. The appearance of a new block: the Non-Aligned Movement, tried to break this bipolar world, which lasts until the collapse of European communist regimes, there was the late 80s and early 90s.

International relations between the blocs, and between the U.S. and the Soviet Union, was based on confrontation, tension and permanent hostility, without reaching a conflict took, hence the name War try to keep Fria.Cada block its area of influence with response actions to counter the politics of antagonistic blocs, and at the same time, frightening the contrary by its military prowess leads to an arms race, including nuclear weapons, designed to demonstrate superiority to a confrontation bélico.Este (balance of terror) had q deterrence prevented the outbreak of armed confrontation between Americans and Soviets against the threat of nuclear destruction of localized points mundo.Existieron confrontation or conflict limited in areas located in parts of Asia or Africa DECOLONIZATION , where the U.S. and the Soviet Union enfrontaron indirectly by helping their allies, with the aim of consolidating its dominance and prevent the expansion of the influence of block antagonico.Estas contests served as a testbed for new weapons.

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