The portrait of Charlotte

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Here I leave a brief summary of the book:
A girl named Charlotte spends his holidays in Venice carnival with her aunt Angela. Upon arrival, he called attention to a portrait of her great-grandmother with a necklace and some roses and died strangely. Suddenly, they disappear and you find the beads in different parts of the house. He decides to go to the island of Murano to see how it was made the necklace. Both find that the great-grandmother died from the closure of the necklace, with poisonous mold, she stabbed and died. This adventure that lived Charlotte, Angela served to write a novel.

Here is a little more in formation about the author, Ana Alcolea:
Born in Zaragoza (1962). She holds a degree in Hispanic Studies and Diploma in English Philology. Since 1986 is a high school teacher and has worked in various institutes of Zaragoza, Cantabria and Madrid. Teaching has published editions of plays and numerous articles on the teaching of Language and Literature, on the myth of Don Juan and the poetry of Gongora. Besides the novel named, has published The medallion lost in the same collection. A task that has exercised this novelist is participation in book-forum sessions in many schools, mainly secondary.

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