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types of meetings, briefings (disseminate certain information to subordinates, superiors or others), problem solving meetings (generate ideas to tackle a decision-making or finding alternatives to a problem situation), monitoring meetings (check work progress, achievements with contrasting planning), evaluation meetings (task team has completed grade cosecucion reflects on targets), brainstorming sessions (to maximize influence group creativity), negotiation meetings (2 or more opposing parties with conflicting interests reach expose arguments agreement), and palnificadas spontaneous meetings (1st to time. planned 2nd order).

Positive contributions roles group behavior patterns work better.

negative roles and group behaviors hinder success

conflict levels: intrapesonal conflict, interpersonal, intergroup, between organizations.

strategies: "I win, you lose" (to satisfy self-interest), "I lose, you win" (end condition ACPET conflict elsewhere), "I lose, you lose" (bad negotiation), "I win, you win" (beneficial alternative to 2)

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