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THE ROMANCE: The ballads are narrative poems dedicated to the anonymous and are usually composed x canto.En octosyllabic assonance rhyming in pairs, aunke can find romance in verse 9 and 7 and haast of 6 syllables, and also some with rhyme .
OLD AND NEW ROMANCES Romac: * Loa old romances are the documents from the late Middle Ages and the mid-16th century, when k popularidad.Devido enjoyed great your anonymity and transmission more Antiguaa oral.El was copied c. 1421, but it is assumed k existed since the 14th century .* The new romances are compounds x akellos poets since the end of s.16, imitating the foram and style of the ancients.

There are multiple classifications of a thematic poética.Clasificacion.* Medieval Romance epic theme: They come from a chanson de geste to another literary source, and are x therefore refundiciones.Exaltan virtue of heroes and kings, for purposes of the Cid propagandisticos.Romances Romance theme .* Frances , Carolingian k includes addressing issues of French epics and romances about characters of the romance novels courtois.Romance Don Roland and Dona Alba .* Historical Romance Theme: Refers to events or events in the history of medieval castellana.Romance King Pedro the Cruel Romance .* border issue: narrate episodes of border struggles between Christians and Romance fiction .* musulmanes.Abenámar: Presents subdivisions: unfaithful love romance, love nasty, adultery, incest, seduction, malmaridada burlas.La beautiful, Princess .* Romances Bible, Greco-Roman and Religious:Recount episodes from the Bible, the Gospels aprócrifos, pious and hagiographic legends and stories of antiquity grecorromana.Romance david's lament.

The romances will respect the chronological order dela narration, sometimes aunke this rompe.Son usual early in medias res and the abrupt end in suspense, let k effect of uncertainty in recepctores.El narrator may be a theory or a first hand.
STYLE: T he romances in style space, characteristic x a series of peculiar features.
FEATURES STYLE OF ROMANCE: * Use singular verbs: Use of this historic and imperfect indicative in context k is imposed on the use of simple past tense .* archaism: phonetic features such as maintenance of the initial-f Latin and e paragógica.Tambien archaic verb form is used: sodes and archaisms.* Using formulas: Formulas conative to enter the dialogue and appealing to the audience (well shall hear what dira k) epic epithets and parallelism .* Repeticones mnemonic purposes: We produce 2 hemistikios the same line, between 2 lines anaphora or between a group of verses: Abenamar, Abenamar ..* Other resources: Often the use of antithesis (vega vega bottom up) and the numbers: The Alhambra was, sir.

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