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FLOWER-GAME (1851-1879)
Antoine Abbey, the great patron of Zuberoa due to the nineteenth. the beginning of the second half of festivals were organized to promote the Basque culture and tradition, the poets had the opportunity to present their work. At that time, who were the majority of Basque culture in the Basque Country and the Basque culture ziharduten open the way for future endeavors. Or to walk around the Abbey Xaho Augustine, Duvoisin, Intxauspe, Arturo Campion and Prince Bonaparte.
XIX. The second part of the century, almost all of these games took place flowers. To the south were held in the last Century. Elimination of the Basque Autonomous.??
Romanticism was a great influence on the evolution of these years (in the help). Small disadvantaged and ethnic folklore and language of attention was obtained. Songs, romances and melodies that were collections of F. Michel, finds himself, Vinson, Manterola ... were held in this atmosphere, it flowers games, poetry, and among the winners, Elizanburu, Larralde, Adem, and others were Arrese Beitia.
ELIZANBURU Juan Bautista (1828-1891)
Life. Sara and created his seminary studies, he Larresoron. There was a fan of literature and Basque. Then I said to the captain of a military-grade career had reached the army of Napoleon III. In 1970 he retired in his hometown, where he taught the following years, the Basque langintza.
Works. All will get a lot of music and poem. Some refer to the Remote, you can see in the morning, last biharamonian party, Solferinoko blind, Maria. More than once, he won prizes at a flower.
Adam wrote a short novel called Peter Prose.
A critical review. Careful, careful work is Elizanbururen. Vocabulary was a good selection and apainak structures are like. French literature is evident in his work and love, home of the Basque Country, a lover of nature and the tranquility of living goraipamena issues.
Felipe Arrese Beitia (1841-1906)
Life. "Otxandio santugiñe" was called, was created and the sculptor otxandiorra profession. After studying drawing in Vitoria in his hometown, he developed his career in stone and wood.
Works. 1879 Navarre, Basque Communities "A. Abbey with his flower-organized games and Arresi Elizondo won the first prize at the Mother euskerari farewell poems verses department. This poem was successful, and the other forming a collection of poem, 1900. Mother uninstall the name of the singer in a book was published.
A critical review. It was praised, and the feel of the built and natural flow of his poems. Arrese Beitia charters work the mines and the loss of the headquarters is fully marked restlessness. Thus, the Basque Country, the mother-Basque, Basque customs and the Old Law is the main theme. All great religious emissions. Elokuentziarako (convince) the greater tendency than poesiarako.
Arrese, poetry, simple, rich, sweet and is said durundi meheduna. He is not as sensitive and soft, no-one else sang the Basque Country and Basque. Today's readers, however, a few tears poem bustixeak occur. Improvisation style, while ourselves what it is used.
NEW Poetry
2. "Poet"
Concerns at the time, especially in the Basque culture and Basque literature.
Romanticism and language characteristics of a small town is to highlight the history and special skills. This is the nineteenth. At the end of the century and early in the Basque Country is perceived: the survival of the people and language, a strong desire to give. This period were created by Euzko Studies, Basque, watch as, and so on. Nationalism was a crucial boost to this work.

2.1. Aitzol (1896 ¬ -1936)
Life. And led to a lot of work, but the war and to frustrate the intentions of his life, for the fascist General Franco died fusilatuta.
Works. Mondragón and watch as the association was founded in 1927, he was appointed head of the association. He soon began work in many fields of literature, writers and excited, to rigorous criticism, seeking a better quality. He organized a large event to present new literary work: Days Olerti theater dates, verses Days ...
1930, 1936, filed by several days of work every poem he published poems under Euzko.
In 1933, he created a critical Yakintza journals, fields of literature and discussions to deepen channel instruments provide.
Orix, Lizardi, Ignacio Single breath due to the poet and writer Loramendi.
Lyrical symbolism, epikara, people could easily understand olerkigintzara, encourage poets. He criticized some of Ignacio poets work. In his opinion, "avant-garde in the country and the nation-kontzientziarako factor" had to be. The basic opposition to minorities and the majority of poetry written epics "is what happens in between. And the influence of national culture and modern country look like if the new situation arising from social and regional equality and look to their traditional roots. This verse and romance issues, and of the ways could be found in the old models had to be returned.
Public oral poetry as a literary tradition.
2.2. Xabier Agirre whee JOSE MARIA (1896-1933)
Life. Zarautz, founded in Toulouse in the semi-level studies, and zuzenbidekoak Madrid. Toulouse-charge of a company was in occupation. In 1933 he moved to an illness, at the age of 37.
- Between 1930-32 he published poems in the book Pasodoble-eyes.
- Orphan poems (1934). After the death of him, watch as the publication of the association.
- In the same year with the publication of works in prose, Itz collection of tiles.
Poems, but also works as a journalist and wrote plays. He also worked in politics.
A critical review. Poetry is so personal and Lizardiren hezurmamitua its beauty, it is difficult to influence anyone to detect. For some, it is not unprecedented. Others, emphasize the influence of French symbolist: Baudelaire by bilakuntza as correspondence between the reality, the symbols indicate the desire and knowledge, and Verlaine had been the master is.
Basque is the greatest lyrical Lizardi:
- To create a new poetic language has the advantage of the opportunities for languages.
- The flexibility in the use of language is remarkable: hiperbatona, zangalatraua, parallelism.
- Language to the use of musicality.
A. Valverde, B. Lertxundi and X. Kerr Lizardiren some poems about the poet and musician, many people probably led to the eye.
Romanticism has its roots Lizardiren poems. Lizardiren Basque language, had a new poetic alphabet: Estella their own mythology that was created. Through the personification of the person, nature, people and relations of life, death and Resurrection axis together.

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