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DSD NGLISH THEATRE TO PRESENT THE POST-WAR * Introduction The dramatic rise of the previous period has been declining due to interest in other shows. The post-war theater is torn between the painful reality evasion or compromise involving the reporting of the situation. The main features are the commercial terms of censorship that stops the representations, the companies were not willing to break the mold yqmxos Authors stan nl exilio.Sera slowly and will emerge from university where independent companies and theaters losTEUcobran camera importance during the postwar dla 50.las2decadas puedn cntinuidad grouped together in the works qrepresntan nls ls intents drenovacion teatrs publicsy xperimntacion existential theater realistic yluego ysocial * Years 40 and part of the 50 works that succeed are neobenaventinas comedy and theater of Alta .- humor comedy plays well exas dtemas amables.Caract: Works of poetry and tenderness 3 humor.Decorados actos.Hay realistic amorosos.Los topics most significant authors are Luca de Tena with works such as Don José, Pepe y Pepito. Or Where are you going alfonso12? And Calvo Sotelo, who has extensive dramatic production. For example: the power or the wall .- The theater of humor. It is characterized by introducing laughter renew the improbable, bordering on the absurd humor of the absurd approaches, we highlight Poncela Jardiel is considered a precursor of the theater absurdity: Four hearts with reverse brake. It breaks with the traditional theater, detached from reality by relying on the improbable. Mihura Miguel Alternate between theater and film magazines, has works as three hats, is presented in the confrontation between the conventional world and quite another world inverosímil.cedio nsus approaches, I always try supesimismo docultar his dsencanto "Maribel xtraño YSU family" national award en1959el cnsiguio dl theater * The dls50 realistic theater. Two authors introduce the existential questions and social works, Antonio Buero Vallejo, nl cmpromiso based tndencia introduc1nueva cnla immediate resignation to the theater actually devasion.Aporta a coherent vision of the world and man, plus a few questions about his past and future. Their arguments always contain a symbolic denunciation of the injustices of the era, his work has three stages: Symbol: in the hot darkness of social criticism History of a staircase and the skylight, historical dramas, the meninas. Alfonso Sastre in early work was in favor of the writer's political commitment to the theater sociedad.cncib ycncienciacion social.Tiene dagitacion cmo half a pioneering and revolutionary drama that keeps you from making concessions to the public knowledge that may not represent their works. Some of his works are "Death in the Barrio", "The Corner" * The 60s. Surge a group of young writers born around 25 to consolidate the realistic theater, including elm wreath standThe shirt and Martin Recalls Savages gil san bridge. They offer a dramatic proposal committed to ethical considerations and take attitude testimonial social criticism and alienation of the individual. These approaches make use of critical realism. On stage violent language is adopted. He also wrote a theater of commercial success that it served the bourgeois public. "You can be the murderer" * To ls 70.teatro sperimntal ysimbolista. The theater challenges the conventional approaches to comedy, find original and provocative new ways to show their dissatisfaction with the existing system has a critical load at the staging of the works, these were for minority audiences. It has much symbolic value in McHose of the characters and the language used. In this kind of theater we can highlight a gala Antonio and Fernando Arrabal .* The last decades. Supuso1speranza arrival padel theater dla renewing democracy despite ayuds als pocs sn ls economics works dautors dteatro theater novice yacnsagrads.El qcmpitn cnautors the 80 and 90 is characterized by the large number of trends with further discussion of realism. Among these authors we can mention Fernando Fernan Gomez (Bicycles are for summer) or Jose Luis Alonso De Santos, Looking for experimentation, the mixture of different styles, public participation in the work, the removal dl scribed theater.

Latin American literature: poetry .* dsXXI ynarrativa Poetry: Modernism dl after injection muimportant qfue the lyrics in Latin America opens adistints corrients .- Postmodernism. Surg d1911 apartir when exhaustion dla senota Stetic modernista.Aparecn1serie cnformas dautors simple arcane cn1tono qtocan ls dla tradicionals poetry themes: love, friendship, family, passage of time, death to oreligion.dstacan about Alfonsina Storni, Gabriela Mistral European avant-Influence dls. hese literary mov ahispanoamerica getting through last qhabian largs atravs d2poetas tmporads Neuropa yspaña: vicnt Huidobro mxo qvive yllega time in paris how to flag dl Spanair jorge creationism and Borjas qaunq dstaca sunarrativa fue1gran mov dl yfundador poet soon separatists dstos ultraist Aunq Poetry mov dl-black line. involves the incorporation dl yafricano important black substrate present in areas determinads daquel territory caribe.asi on Spanair to dl but yritmos West Indian forms surg cn apartir dgran GOD lyric musicality añosXXuna qincorpora metric issues yxpresions tomads black mnndo ymstizo dl, authors how to Nicolas Guillen was born in DSUs importants cuba.ls2lineas + sn verses poetry poetry andthe social negrista Afro dpoesia ymestizaje cultural aspect can be seen in "reasons are" Social and Political orientation are accentuated in "the whole are" elegies Antilles "mong OTRS features verses d ls Guillen characterize the musical rhythm xel andthe great power devocacion - Poetry cmprometida. ocurrids nfrentamients the cumulus dviolents Durant Twentieth Century a1 + dl ° half dla notable social inequality nhispanoamerica perceptible even poetry xplican d1fuert social presence qtiene cmo vallejo high benchmark to stop yPablo Neruda (1904-1973) was born in xile.sugran sensibility will permitn riting the dl + high Hispanic poetry spas, nsu xtnsa cabn work ahead andthe love poetry works + alebradas social.publica en19241dsus yleidas "damor y1cancion 20oemas dsesperada" sings the love cn1lnguaje nella poetic surrealism different sta imágenes.el ysugestivas present in "land Residência nla "hese lines Yala anguish bring us many people were killed THROUGH wing d1lnguaje difficult yoscuro, nlo qhonda sta irracional.tras work takes a social conscience man opens + + YSU Poetry cn1lngua direct loads dsolidaridad best work now DSTA new stage is singing gneralPoetry .- visionary. NSome dl aspects is heir to perpetuate these instants pretnd unics nls cuals the individual can sntirse in harmony ycomunicacion Chan d + andthe nature through pure d1lnguaje. Octavio Paz: Mexican, beginning Scrib vrsos cmprometids, + tard dtema a1poesia metaphysical drive, ala word qahonda nl sntido dla existncia, nla search cnociemiento d1mismo dl, nl love, loneliness enters tb .. nla xperimntal poetry, his poetic lnguaje beauty is simempre dgran lirica.obras_stacion ydnsidad violent parole .* Narrative: "Latin American novel, features: renewal lnguaje dl dla dla TRUCTURE tcnics narrativs ydls novel, higher interest socials xls existncials Humans Problems andthe urban novel, it also overcomes the traditional realism through so-called magic realism busqda qes the American reality dla own ysingular nature is done by going wing wing history to myth ymaravilloso alo unreal, until reality dq pnto andlor cnfundirse fantastic reach. Authors: Jorge Luis Borjas (1899-1986) has scribed tb ynsayo poetry but todo1xcepcional author dcuents.stos Relats ant than dls anecdote EXOS qimpregnan broad culture dsu, dsu cnocimiento up in vrdaders xperiences cnvertirse intelectuals qimplican to lctor.La DSUs pag ns fantasy often lead xtraordinario alo, alo lnguaje Borjas directs its essence, its stilo needed, and developed original DNSO ysugernt . their works cuents cmo stan "fictions" "dla sand book," The años60, the boom years the novel vive1profunda hispanoamericano.nstos qllegara transformation cnsecuencias asus max quality nepocas DSTS + dlainnegable hay1serie works dfactors qfavorecn fenomeno.La ste Cuban rvol cnlaqse idntifican1grupo dscritors Pals ella1solucion qvn in editorial policy Problems sociopolitics Hispaniola yse Hispanic market Seabra create mx cnferencias movies made about sts traduccions ysus authors works. Features, themes: ls dla them taking the stage prior to xperience formal limit.aspectos: structure cn new formulas, esencialmnt subjective, the narrator participates nla history, tells the story dsd DViT distints punts abound monologs ls interiors, salts tiempo.Experimntacion language nl: ls Authors cnjugan Stils yrgistrs various paintentar dhabla mu reflect the cultural distinctiveness dcada1dls countries Authors: Garcia Marquez: Colombia, received the Nobel Prize in 1982, is the author xexcelencia dl dla magic realism novel One Hundred Years Solitude d "a milestone yen nthe world literature written in Castilian particular." cienazos d soledad " cmpleja1fabula es1obra where imagination And where the author cnstruye1universo dsboca ymaravilloso particular, tb is the author among other works d "Autumn of the Patriarch" "chronic d1muert announced" tb cn has published his autobiography titled "pacntarla live" and "memory DMIS Melancholy Whores "Vargas Llosa: Peruvian Royal Academy member spañ dla esd great quality work successfully yha dcritica tenido1gran einnumerables prolific writer whose narrative ranges novelas.busca encada1dsus always renew yformas d ls xpression paacercarse future optimized wing novels actually peruana.ntre dstacan "war world dl dl so" green house "- Latest tndencias: it still has the magic realism, is characterized dgran xproducir quality work becomes more importancia.autores qlasnsualidad nls: Luis Sepulveda (Chile)" an old qleia damor novels " Isabel Allende (Chile) "spiritus dls house, zoe valdes (Cuban)" life tdi nter "

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