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The city and the dog is telling, indeed, that its popularity in Spain contrasts with the scandal in Peru. Called his attention to its narrative technique and the sordid atmosphere that portrays the importance that the labyrinthine plot. Topics: violence and fatalism, sexuality degraded. Different narrators. The story begins with the theft are some tests in the Leoncio Prado military academy in Lima. In retaliation for the action, are prohibited from leaving campus college students indefinitely. After several weeks of confinement, one student-cadets, nicknamed the Slave reveal the identity of the thief. Although teachers purport to silence the name, then they spread the rumors. One of the leaders of the cadets, Jaguar, begins to suspect. Slave dies shot dead during military exercises. All indications are that the culprit is the Jaguar, but authorities fear the scandal and the investigation will conclude that it has a tragic accident. Alberto, another student nicknamed "The Poet, reporting to Jaguar, but was silenced by means of blackmail based on the tastes of young pornographers. Also, one of the most noble of the novel, the officer Gamboa, is destined to provinces in order to avoid testimony that might discredit the control of the school. The ending shows us the fate of some boys after leaving the boarding school. Some suffer, or senses that are going to suffer, an intense evolution. Albert leaves his girlfriend, Teresa, a girl of modest means, and starts dating another girl of her class. His noble qualities seem to be diluted in their new projects, accommodating and conformist. Instead, Jaguar ends up marrying Teresa, forgets his dark past in school and leads a moderately happy. Puppies ... The green house of brutal falls Bonifacia Sergeant Lituma, which marries the girl and l am happy to provisionally because then when you go to Piura, far from the jungle, the husband comes to a dissolute life in the company of his friends, the champs. Lituma is sent to prison and in his absence one of his friends Bonifacia seduces and forced to work as a prostitute in The Green House. The nuns of Mission, who are dedicated to hijack native with the help of the soldiers and then introducing them in civilization as servants. Crítica social and destiny: the exploitation of others is perhaps the dominant theme. In the city it is the sexual exploitation of women in the brothel, in the jungle, it is used similarly. In fact, the violent machismo is present in either field, since even in the same forest, the relationship between Boniface and Sgt begin with a violation.

Vargas Llosa we define the process of creating his writing: "Writing a book is to discover in himself things you did not know existed. Every book is a product of certain experiences. In all the stories and novels I've written certain things happen because I have happened to me at any given time. Why write a novelist is viscerally mixed with what he writes: the demons of his life are the themes of his work, and simultaneously try to exorcise it. "• The child, embryo literary" Cochabamba, the house was big as a was novel and play writing. I do not remember any of it, but I remembered my mother, who assured me that so I started to write, they stuck a stowaway in the stories they read to alter them so as to adapt more fully to my reader apatite.Write and read was the obverse and reverse of the same magic that was to live a life different from the non-elected, those imposed by hazards and fatalities and various authorities. Reading or writing it was possible to break the reality. That was just a thrilling game and happy as I was happy and enjoyed the pampering and infinite love from my mother's family, then from my eleven years old when my parents were reconciled and went to live in Lima, and me against afraid of my father, and a calming, anti-nostalgia for the innocence, grandparents and uncles lost. In adolescence, the literature becomes a formula of dissent against parental authority. A traumatic event is important is their placement in the Colegio Militar Leoncio Pardo. Cancelled as I felt the overwhelming parental authority. Action man through and through, it seemed a waste of time, an activity somewhat bohemian and unmanly. So, for me, in those years, reading and writing was not only a pleasure, but violating a taboo, a challenge to authority. My vocation was breaking and prestigious venture ringed with the delights of the forbidden. My father gave an unexpected boost to my vocation as a scribbler, have been proposed quite the opposite. The loneliness of boarding, especially those Saturday and Sunday that the slogan had me locked up, would have been irresistible without reading. Time, thanks to her, I remember the bull with enthusiasm and gratitude. Dumas was the first writer I read in series. Victor Hugo's Les Miserables, the best friend I had there. The letters of love and erotic novels made me in an early professional scribbler: swapped these texts to my colleagues for cigarettes and sometimes a few suns. Writing could therefore be an acceptable activity, Amigans, and in addition to helpful, male thing. Literary Masters: Dos Passos, Sartre, Hemingway, Faulkner, Camus. "

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