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Narrator: subjective knowing most of the time space: two types: real (Madrid) and a real basis (Alcolea del Campo does not exist but could be any town of Ciudad Real. Actually making is contrasted field Baroja to city. Time: follows a chronological order, from the beginning of the career of Andrew until his suicide. The narrative time: used the first five chapters of the novel for the first year of college, 6 for second, 7 for third, 8, 9, 10 and 11 for the room. slowdowns and accelerations occur. There are temporary breaks when the protagonist remembers his childhood. topic is the debate between his protagonist's thoughts and the outside world. subthemes: knowledge scientist, struggle for life, criticism of Spanish society, philosophical, love.

Andrés Hurtado main character of the work, Baron tells his life since he studied until he dies. Curiously, it is the only one that does not describe in a paragraph or two, but leaves the reader to delve into the personality of the protagonist as the novel is lapsing. Hurtado has Baroja own traits, antisocial, anarchist and revolutionary. The personality and way of thinking evolves as they have experiences Hurtado, becoming a full person who hates society and the way people live and think in the end Howard committed suicide. Lulu: ideal character that gradually builds Baroja small: it begins as a small girl and ends up being a woman of character, intelligent and sensitive.

The generation of 98 is the name that has been traditionally grouped with a group of writers, essayists and Spanish poets who were deeply affected by the moral crisis and social policy hauled in Spain by the military defeat in the Spanish-American War and consequent loss of the Philippines and Cuba. They began to write in a vein very critical and leftist youth that later will focus on a conception of the old and new. Pio Baroja, San Sebastian 1872. Madrid lives most of his life but also in Pamplona and Valencia, where he finishes his medical studies. A doctorate with a thesis on pain. He served as a doctor soon. Devoted to literature, enters politics, sympathetic to anarchism and you like the default. Rejected communism, socialism and democracy. During the civil war going to France, but fly in 1940. He died in Madrid in 1956. Travel in Spain and was a loner.

Registration: This is the variety of language defined set of specific language that the sender chooses to adapt to the communicative situation in which it is. the sphere of activity and the themes they identified in this case a non-specialized vocabulary. the relationship between partners determines a formal registration. Register functional. It is a text written by implying the need for prior planning and organization, can be seen in the linear sequence. Make small inroads into the colloquial register in order to seek the complicity of that receptor heterogeneity.Modalization: the presence of the sender appears in the text through modalization procedures. These procedures reflect the degree of certainty (epistemic) the degree of necessity (deontic) and positive or negative (value).

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