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Thematic progression: refers to how it develops and the track structure of the text or what is, how estrucutra information regarding the new content that will reflect the thematic progression incorporándose.La gear known as new information. Types : PROGRESSION OF CONSTANT THEME: the theme is shown continuously throughout the text, and you are adding new information each time it occurs (horses) LINEAR PROGRESSION OF ITEM: known information, the subject, adds new information. This information becomes known, therefore becomes tema.A the latter he will thread a new information will also become subject and so on. (cocoon) PROGRESSION FROM THEME: the theme and sub-branches in nuevas.Este information such thematic progression is characteristic of thematic encyclopedias, textbooks and other informative books in general. (prehistoric) Critical comment: valuation reasons and arguments of a text that highlights their ideas and structure thereof.

Latin: Latin term used in our language without having undergone a phonetic evolution; USED WITHOUT ALTERATIONS. (Quorum, lapses, deficit, ratio, surplus, vademécum.cónfer, item) cultism: voice which was introduced in our language by cultured without going through the normal phonetic evolution of economic words podium podium, referendum, referendum, memo, memorandum, addendum, addenda, status, status) SPECIAL: (adaptdas our language and do not need) 1-quotes or italics NO .2-Tilde or not NO.3-When to use: when you have an equivalent to our lengua.4-USES: laws, judíricos texts, scientific-technical trademarks)

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