In a theoretical gas turbine cycle,

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1)- Did you manage to (buy that dvd), (motorway) Couldnt, Were they able to (pass yesterdays exam), Can we (consider), Havent been able to (get tickets), Can (be kept as pets), Managed to (persuade us to), Were able to (win all matches), Were able to (send out 200), (sugary foods) Can

2)-(orange juice) Which was freshly squeezed, -That surprised me most (low price), (sign next to lake) Which i didnt notice at first, -That won the match (really cool), I had broken (was important)

3) (pedestrians) not obeying the lights, (luggage) not required on the journey, (vegetables) sold in the shop, (students) copying from others, any items left unattended (will be removed)

4) natural (gas), mining (coal), renewable (energy), solar, tidal, fossil, emissions, installing, turbines, panels

5) post-communist, redecorated, misread, over-time, multimillion

6)injured, lumps, hurt, particles, harms

Carbon footprint, climate change, CO2 emissions, exhaust fumes, greenhouse gases, methane pollution, power station, pylon, oil rig, coal mine, natural gas, shale gas, renewable energy, biofuel, (solar, tidal, wave, hydroelectric, nuclear, wind) power, wind farm, wind turbine

Invest in renewable energy, dispose of nuclear waste, reduce your carbon footprint, conserve energy, pollute the atmosphere and oceans, install wind turbines or solar panels, cut carbon emissions, rely on fossil fuels, use up natural resources

GM (geneticaly modified) crops, Vertical farming, Eat less meat, Increase aid

Anti (aggainst), under (not enough), multi (many), ex, semi (half), pre (beofore-prehistoric), post (after-post-war), over (too much), non (not)

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