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Accounting: empirical science, economic in nature, designed to provide information previously captured, represented and measured by appropriate methods on the status and evolution of economic reality, in order to be useful in the decision making process in relation with that reality.
What is the conceptual marcon? Is the theoretical support of the rules governing accounting practice, a guide PEREDA TUA defined as "an interpretation of general accounting theory, by establishing through a logical route -deductive conceptual foundations on which rests the financial information, or a kind of constitution Accountant.
Usefulness of the conceptual framework
"Rules can not cover all the casuistry that may arise in the present or the future and the MC should be treated determines how new business or business figures
-Serves as a guide or reference point where there is no rule that specifies
-Avoid the need to define concepts in each standard
"It helps solve problems in the short term, the development and entry into force of a new standard takes time.
-Help in resolving problems that arise in practice, should be useful in solving specific problems.
General conceptual framework
• The FASB's conceptual framework:
Board of the American Financial Accounting Standards.
• The IASB's conceptual framework:
Council Standards Committee International Accounting body private.
The conceptual framework of the AECA: Spanish Association of Accounting and Business Administration, an association of private character
The conceptual framework of PGC 2008

IASB Conceptual Framework: April 1989 the IASB published a paper entitled: The setting for the Preparation and Presentation of Financial Statements.
• There is a rule more. Is descriptive rather than prescriptive.
• It does not overrule or remove any IAS / IFRS
• In the event of a conflict with the Framework Standard, the provisions prevailing at that
• It applies to industrial and commercial enterprises and service.
• It is applicable to both industrial and commercial enterprises and service.
• It applies both to individual and consolidated financial statements.
Basic Purpose IASB Framework
IASB Support: to assist the IASB's own advice in the future development of international accounting standards as well as revision of existing
Harmonizers Support Agencies: helping the national accounting standards when preparing their own rules.
Support preparers of EF and Auditors: serves EF processors to apply IAS / IFRS and auditors to issue its opinion on whether the financial statements are in conformity or not with IAS / IFRS
User Support: to provide assistance for the preparation of financial statements applying IAS / IFRS, and treatment of those aspects that have not yet been addressed by any IAS / IFRS.
5. Support Other stakeholders in the work of IASB

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