Theory of roman laws

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A political theory advocating class war and leading to a society In which all property is publicity owned and each person works and is paid According to their abilities and needs, all people are equal (very harsh Laws/rules)


A system of government by the whole population or all the Eligible members of a state, typical through representatives; control of an Organization or group by the majority of its members.


A form of government with a monarch at the head; has unlimited power.


Government by a dictator (a ruler with total power over a Country, typically one who had obtained power by force.


A small group of people having control of a country, Organization, or institution, a small group exercises control especially for Corrupt and selfish purposes.

Oligarchy Pros


Oligarchy Cons

-limited access to power
-limited rights for people
-questionable transfer of power

Oligarchy Examples

-Family compact
-Chateau clique

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