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My vacation Has been very fun !!! He rode a horse, painted a thousand leaves, went to the Pool. My parents have taken me to different places, he ate very delicious meals And I have met so many friends.

Everything Has made me more agile, stronger and I return to university with the desire to See my classmates and tell them everything. What a beautiful vacation you had. I also went on a trip to visit my paternal grandparents and they were so happy That they even cried with emotion

My vacation. My vacations ... Well, my vacations have Been fun like everyone's, I imagine, getting up late, doing what you want Without any obligation ... That was something special. But what I liked most About the holidays is traveling even though Don't be far, just travel. At the Beginning of this vacation I went to Atacames where we were at the beach with My grandparents and uncles, going to the beach is one of the best things of the Summer

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