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2) There are newlaws that protects them progressive.

3) In Arabia Saudi the women can't drive and they can't vote.

Bad Holidays

1) They look for destination He type of holiday and family's needs and this couse mistakes.

2) They are seen like that because you so to very different places.

3) They sell impossible things.

Soft Drinks

1) The composition of soft drinks was elaborated with water and lemon juice sweetened with honey until.

2) The Coca Cola Classic and Pepsi have in common that they were elaborated for a pharmacist.

3) They have been rivals because they have the same product.


1)The typical British shopper is that one who buys clothes made by well known companies.

2)A visitor can see shops with shop-windows poorly attractive, but You can also see lats of little shops whith sell diverse types of clothes.

3) Supermarkets are smaller than hypermarkerts, and they sell daily products so the hypermarkets sell you a wide range of products.

The story of Cadbury Limited

1) The novelty was that the product could be eaten, but it was very different from nowodays chocolate.

2)The development of industrial technology during the world was I meant that the production increased and chocolate become a comman product.

3)Cadbury Dairy Milk chocolate has contribuyed into the eating habits in Britain nowoday by being the most popular chocolate and also being one of the most consumed chocolate in the European Society.

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