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Euphoria is a Youth Drama series and deals with the darkest issues in teenage life such as drugs, sex, prejudice, social media and emotional ties.

It is not explicitly mentioned in the series but appears to be set in Los Angeles, California.

The final chapter is the chapter with the audience rating with 1.2 million viewers.

What I like most about the series is that they discuss such explicit topics as mental disorders or sexuality.

For my taste the Cast is very good despite the fact that

almost all the actors were not well known and have become known in this series, I still do not have a favorite scene since I am still watching the series.

And finally, I will briefly tell you what the series is about, it begins by telling the childhood of Rue the protagonist and the main problem she has is that she has a serious drug addiction, as a result of that in each chapter she tells lifeand problems of 7 adolescents related and "friends" among the problems predominate physical complexes, sexual orientation and sex, drugs and mental disorders.

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