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-WHAT YOU CHOSE: As a group we choose to do commercials.

-WHY YOU CHOSE IT: Because we believe that based on our Knowledge it would be easier for us and we could achieve better results.

-WHAT YOU DID (GENERAL TERMS): I decided to take charge of The script of the commercials, as well as being part of the cast of acting and Finally also set the recordings, since they were made in my house.

-WHAT YOU ACHIEVED: I think I managed to make a good script, Mixing what I know of English with subjects that were interesting and at the Same time with some humor.


-EXPLAIN AND DESCRIBE YOUR VIDEO: Our video consists of 6 Commercials, each of a specific product or service, the ones that stand out are An indestructible pencil, an energy drink, a deodorant and a restaurant, Finally there are some bloopers of the recordings, which in general They were Pretty good and orderly.

-EXPLAIN WHAT YOU DID (IN DETAILS): I focused on making the Script in a way that was entertaining and that each character fit in the type Of my colleagues, in the performance I was the voice-over in a commercial, While in the others act as a young man.

-WRITE YOUR RESPONSIBILITIES: Mainly make the script and Also set according to what is proposed in the script, for example a restaurant At the table in my house.

-STRENGHTS AND WEAKNESSES: I think a strength of the video Is the editing, since it was achieved that the audio was adequate to understand And the dynamics of the video is quite agile and entertaining, but despite that I think that a weakness of the recording is the pronunciation of everything the Group, since we are not very used to speaking in English.

-LIMITATIONS: The schedule limited us since it gets dark Very early and there is little time to record, as well as the lack of Implements of greater specialty.


-ENGLISH CONSIDERATIONS: As a group we can improve in many Aspects, mainly in pronunciation

-EXPERIENCE: I really liked the work, since it allowed me to Express myself in English in public places, which was where we recorded.

-BENEFITS AND RECOMMENDATIONS: The main benefit of this Evaluation was the issue of being able to express oneself freely, but also Understanding what is being talked about and what is being done, the only Recommendation would be the date of work because being on the calendar of coef 2, it is difficult give him all the necessary time.

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