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*Tight: there is only just enough time
* Slack: Flexibility, room to move
* Biased: Judging someting unfairly
* Leveraging: Tener ventaja sobre algo

* Promising: un empleado que prospera en el futuro
* Mismatch: combinacion de cosas que no funcionan
* Drawback: algo que puede ser un problema
* Mismanage: handle something badly
* Peers: similar al trabajo de uno
* Jumping on the bandwagon: hacer algo pq la gente lo hace

+ Assimilators: High affiliations
                        Prefer host country products
                        Se adaptan rapido
+ Marginals: Low affiliations
                     Low desire
                     Buy products for functional performaces
+ Biculturals: Buy home country products
                     Belong to two cultures 
                      rich, better educated and popular
+ Ethnic affirmers: High desire 
                              Prefer home country products
- few: count nouns ( resources, business, people)
- little: noncount ( time, space, training)
- less than: comparative, noncount ( %, $, years)
- fewer than: comparative, count ( cars, oranges)
Past continous: 
was/were + past participle
Present perfect continous
Have/ has + been+ present participle
Future continous:
will be+ past participle
am/is/are + going to be + past participle

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