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"A Typical Sunday In My Family" 

Every member of my family does different things on Sunday. 

The first is my father, he usually goes to hunt on Sunday, and he wakes up very early, about half past six in the morning. He goes to Zuera and he doesn't come back until nine o'clock in the evening. Then he has dinner and goes to bed, because he has to get up early to go to work

Let's go with my mother. She gets up at ten o'clock and do the housework. Later she makes the lunch for me, my sister and for her. Then she does the washing and watches the television film. She never does nothing Sunday evening. Well, she cooks the dinner for all the family. After the dinner she does the washing and watches the television. About half past eleven she goes to bed and sometimes she reads a book. 

The next is my sister. She gets up late after a busy Saturday night. So when she gets up, is time to have lunch. After the lunch she studies, and then she goes out with her boyfriend and she doesn't come back until eleven o'clock, because she has dinner with her boyfriend. When she arrives she has a shower and goes to bed. 

My typical Sunday is similar to my sister's one until the lunch. Then I have a siesta until half past five and then I go out with my friends until nine o'clock, when I have lunch. After having dinner I watch the television for two hours and then I go to bed, so I go to bed at twelve o'clock. 

As a result we hardly ever eat all together on Sunday, we only coincide at sleep hour. 

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