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 This Point talks about eliminating all distractions and focusing on work.

It Is important to eliminate distractions and seek help if necessary.

Remember To work under pressure.

It Is the ability to perform a job when the time required for completion is Limited.

Nowadays working under pressure is an increasingly demanded professional skill.

you Should work relaxed even if there is pressure to get a good result

To Get a good job it is important to take a break, listen to music or eat an ice Cream.

It Is important to follow these methods to do a good job and not fall into Despair.

Who At work listens to music to relax?

Do You listen to music at work to relax?

And How do you feel when you listen to music?

well Now we will make a dynamic

·you Use it to relax listen music

·Nowadays Is an increasingly demanded professional skill. Working under pressure

·It is Caused by working under pressure stress

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