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Dear Sir or Madam,

I am writing to complaint about the service and Facilities at your hotel. My family was recently guests at the Brighton Westfield Hotel for a week in the last week of July.

I returned to the Hotel, Because I was (a few years) and I had a wonderful pleasant journey. I booked Through your website and there are several positive reviews on the web which Helped us to make our final choice and decision.

We were reassured at the time of booking that we Were to be in one of the newly renovated rooms on the quiet side of the hotel, But the room was certainly one of the older, un-renovated rooms located at the End of the hotel, very dirty and messy, and most important of all the kitchen And bar area were being done up and they said that in fact they were now a B & B and didn’t do any food except for breakfast and breakfast was really Bad.

The room itself was also Really noisy, because the builders started making a noise at 7.30 in the Morning.  We complained and were assured That we would be moved into another room but each day went by with no rooms available For us and we ended up staying in the same room for the rest of our stay.

The entire experience Ruined our entire vacation and we will never be going back to your hotel or Recommending it to any of our friends, because the room was not at all what we Booked.

To resolve this problem I Would like to refund all my money.

I look forward to hearing From you and to quick resolution of this problem.

Yours faithfully,

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