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1.Go/ get

2.Finishes/ will give

3.Break/ will pay

4.hadn't landed/ would have caught

5.Ignore/ won't invite 

6.Would/ have arrived/ had taken

7.Treated/ wouldn't argue

1.Wouldn't have called

2.Will lend



5.Won't help


7.Won't come


If I were you, I had buy the blue dress.

They might break up, unless treat her well.

As the baby still awake, we can't watch the television.

1.Had recognised/ would have said 

2.Were/ could; would move

3.Had got move in common/ wouldn't be

4.Arrive/ will be

1.If you don't turn on a dishwasher, it doesn't clean the dishes.

2.If they come by car, they will be here soon.

3.Who would you be if you were someone else for the day?

4.I will make dinner on Monday unless I have to stay late at work.

5.If there were move hours in the day, I would help with the cleaning.

6.I will call you when I get home.

7.Will you give her the message as soon as you see her?

8.If I had known, I would have prepared something to eat last night.

1.Will be


3.Will/ phone

4.Have read


6.Have written

7.Does not wake up




1.Practise/ will be

2.Rains/ will have

3.Were/ wouldn't travel

4.Could have bought/ had got

5.Lived/ would feel

6.Will meet/ asks 

7.Would have worked/ had been able to

8.Will call/ get

9.Might have won/ hadn't been

10.Apologise/ won't speak

1.We won't go to the mountains unless it snows this weekend.

2.If you aren't able to pick me up, I'll catch a bus home.

3.If Bill took his medicine, he wouldn't cough.

4.If you were me, would you buy him a present?

5.If she hadn't forgotten her Discman, she could have listened to music on the bus.

6.As soon as I have put the cake in the oven, I'll make the salad.

7.If Dan had gone to the lecture, he would have heard about new discoveries.

8.You can't drive alone until you have passed the driving test.

9.If you hike without proper shoes, you might hurt your feet.

10.If we listened to English radio programmes, would our English improve?

1.If we buy our tickets by Friday, we will get a discount.

2.We'll be there on time unless there is a traffic jam.

3.Water these flowers every day if you want them to grow.

4.As soon as I have finished my supper, I will come over.

5.Until you have saved more money, you shouldn't spend so much.

6.If you had met him last night, you would have liked him. It's a pity you didn't come.

7.I would not have broken the glass if I had been more careful.

8.If Thomas ate less, he would not be so overweight, but he's not interested in going on a diet.     

9.If Suzie had seen that, she would have laughed.

10.You could be a doctor if you went to medical school.

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