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The intellectual disability involves 

problems with general mental abilities
 that affect functioning in two areas: 
(intellectual functioning - adaptive fuctioning).
 Intellectual disability affect about one percent of the population.
 Males are more likely than females to be diagnosed with intellectual disability. 

Now, I talk about the causes of this type of disability. 
There are many different causes of intellectual disability. 
It can be associated with a genetic symdrome, 
such as Down syndrome or Fragile X syndrome. 
It may develop following an illness for example meningitis. 
It may result from head trauma during childhood.

In Navarra there is an association called ANFAS dealing with type os disability, and they do many activities for her or his leisure time, that is the most important. This association was founded in 1961 with 169 families taht joined to from this association, I participated in this association a month ago with a child who was 10 years and he had a intellectual disability. This experience has been one of the best of my life because it is very rewarding and you learnt a lot about the value of things. 

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