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letter of application: Dear Ms Harrison, I wish to apply for the post of waiter at the . ...., as advertised in the newspaper on October 22. Explain past experience. I believe i am ideally suited for this job. Extra information. I enclose a copy of my curriculum vitae, witch will give you further details of my career to date. I hope this information will be suficient for you to consider my application. If you need further details, please do not hesitate to contact me.For an interview I could make myself available at any time

I look forward to hearing from you. Yours sincerly,
My name.

Elon Musk is an exemplary visionary/Founder of/He has made an authentic revolution in the vision of clean energies and in the way we see things./Space X is a company that founded Elon, with the idea of taking things into space reducing costs./It was the first company to create an autonomous rocket capaç to leave the atmosphere and return to the earth without suffering damage, ready for a second launch./Musk has also created the idea of Hyperloop, a transport that consists of a vacuum tube with magnets, able to exceed 1200km / h and manages to connect Barcelona and Madrid in less than half an hour.

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