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ZODIAC SIGNS: 1.d(related), 2.c(number),

3.T(L2: 86% hasta thou) 4.F(L4: the ear hasta direction),

 5.F(L9-10: In fast hasta constellat), 6.F(L15: Astrology hasta astronomy),

7.1(ancient) 7.2(presumably),

8.1(grasp) 8.2(discovery)   

9.1(doing) 9.2(to be)

10.1(on) 10.2 (for)     

13 (I was offered a good lead)

WHY ZOMBIES: 1.B(symbol), 2.A(like),

3.T(L1-2: Nowadays hasta point), 4.F(L3-4: Zombies hasta away)

5.T(L7-8:Zombies hasta etc), 6.T(L14-15:The zombie hasta humans),

 7.1(frightening), 7.2(sick),

8.1(apocalypse) 8.2(nightmare),

9.1(inviting), 9.2(hadn’t eaten),

 10.1(into), 10.2(despite),

11(city where I…) 13.(The ticket was not given to us at The shop)

EXCESSIVE TOURISM: 1.D(if it) 2.B(visitor)

3.b(enjoying) 4.T(L2-3:Overcrowded hasta first)

5.T(L5:its hasta decade) 6.F(L9: Locals hasta poverty)

7.1 (peaceful) 7.2 (Stay)

8.1(blame) 8.2(overcrowded)

9.1(to pay) 9.2(gave)

10.1(of) 10.2(on)

11.(It is said that Iceland’s Waterfalls are wonderful) 

14.(bird That cannot)

THE OLYMPIC GAMES: 1.B(also) 2.d(gained)

 3.F(L2: Historians hasta began) 4.F(L5-6: The time hasta days)

5.T(L7-8: After hasta Chris..) 6.F(L12: It hasta times)

7.1(actually) 7.2(ban)

8.1(revival) 8.2(offending)

9.1(had studied) 9.2(living)

10.1(least) 10.2(concerned)      

14.(I Had my eyes tested)

SNACKING: 1.B(eating) 2.d(have)

3.F(L2:Homewer hasta eat) 4.T(L6-7:They metabolism)

5.T(L10-11: The body’s hasta Down) 6.F(L12-13: There hasta night)

7.1(lower) 7.2(growing)

8.1(obesity) 8.2(research)

9.1(phoning) 9.2(to stop)

10.1(on) 10.2(in)       

11(He Couldn’t drive, so he went to Paris by train)  

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