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1.Amy wasn’t at work today. (not go)

Amy didn’t go at work today.

2.Terry’s football match was At the same time as my dance performance. (play, dance)

Terry was playing at the same time I was dancing.

3.Where is your home? (live)

Where do you live?

4.It’s dinner time at our House right now. (have) ***

We are having dinner at your house right now.

5.It was Joe’s first trip to Spain last month. (not travel)

Joe had never travelled to Spain until last month.

6.They have been gone for Several hours now. (leave)

They have left for several hours now.

7.My brother’s wedding is on Monday. (married)

My brother is getting married on Monday.

8.My favourite TV show is on From 8.00 to 9.00. (at 8.15)

My favourite TV show would be at 8.15.

9.The plane is landing at 2.00. (by 2.30)

The plane will land by 2.30.

10.The teachers’ strike is almost over. (in a few days) ***
The Teachers’ strike will be over in a few days.

11.The weather forecasters expect rain for tomorrow. (probably)

The weather forecasters expect that it will probably rain tomorrow.

12.Nelson is taking his driving test on Thursday. (by Friday)

Nelson will take his driving test by Friday.

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