What is the time of the pet

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unless:sin embargo

otherwise:otra manera
provided that:si
  • presten simple:the rubbish is collected
  • prese continous: stie is being seen
  • past simple:the vage was broken
  • past continous was been repaired
  • past perfct:had been stolen
  • present perf had been stolen
future perfect
  • will + HAVE + participle
  • by this time tomorrow we will have arrived
future continous
  • this time tomorrow  we will be driving
  • *present /past simple
he said i live in the centre/he said he lived
he said i am seeing/he said he was seeing
  • past simple/continous     past perfect/continous
it was raining so heavily    he said it had been raining 
  • present perfe/past perfect
she has been working hard and has written/he said he had been working hard and had written
  • will/would     can/could

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