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Last year was unforgettable! We went on our end-of-year trip to the theme park in Madrid. I woke up at 6:30 A.M. I had been chatting with a friend until nearly midnight the previous night So I was feeling quite tired but also rather excited because this was the first day of this fantastic trip. 

While I was travelling to theme Park on the Bus, I remembered that I had forgotten to take my camera with me so I haven’t Many photos of this day. 

                        A soon as we were Getting closer to the centre, there was an accident on the motorway so we were In a traffic jam for hours, so finally, we got to the park really late and There were already huge queues for all the rides. There was a big crowd and Everybody was getting nervous and excited.

The rides were Fantastic! Besides Offering incredible live shows, such as Lethal Weapon or Police Academy, with Shoot-outs, chases and explosions.

I went on "The Vengeance of the Enigma" tower, and the huge loop-the-loops of “Superman”. It was so insane, the rides go so fast and I felt really dizzy all time.

After about Two hours more or less, we went to the water rides and the waterfalls, where we Got so wet, but I didn’t care because it was the day warmest of my life.

            We went in every single ride of this park, and for me, it Was an amazing day. We came back to the hotel about 21:00 p.M, so we decided to Hang out and have dinner in the centre of Madrid. Can’t wait to go again!

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