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Hello Ana,
I'm looking forward to next weekend, because they are carnivals and I'm looking forward to seeing you. We are going to have a great time since the carnivals of Gipuzkoa are the best. I have many plans planned to do.

The first day, Friday, we will go to the chupinazo we will collect sweets, we will dance, we will go to the big heads and we will have a good time. At night we will go out partying if you bring a warm disguise. The second day, Saturday morning we will do the same but in the afternoon we will go to Tolosa. It is a town that is very close to Hernani. The carnivals of Tolosa are super good because there are so many people. The third day, Sunday, in the morning, I will help you pack your bags. Since your trip is very long you will have to leave very soon. We will accompany you to the bus stop and with great sadness I will say goodbye to you.

I wait for you here, very impatient. I want to see you now. You'll see how we're going to have a great time.

A big kiss.
 En el segundo ejercicio: la primera respuesta es a 1-small town. 2- very peaceful town to live 3- sports center 4- hang out 5 their friend Adam

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