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so much for this sir now shall you see the other.

you do remember all the circumstances.

sir in my heart there was a kind of fighting 
that would not let me sleep. Methough i lay
worse than the minutes in the bilboes. Rashly
and praised rashness for it, let us know 
our indiscretion sometimes serves us well
when our deep plots do pall and that should learn us
theres a divinity that shapes our ends
rough hew them how we will

me sea grown scarfed about me in the dark
groped i to find out them, had my desire
fingered their packet and in fine withdrew
to mine own room again making so bold
my fears forgetting manners to unseal
their grand commission where i found horatio
ah royal knavery an exact command
landad with many sorts of reasons 
importing denmarks health and englans too
that on the supervise no leisure bated
no not to stay the grinding of the ax
my head should be struck off

heres the commision read it at more leisure
but wilt thou hear now how i did proceed

being thus benetted round with villains
ere i could make a prologue to my brains
they had begun the play  i sat down
desived a new commission wrote it fair 
i once did hold it like statist do
a baseness to write fair and labored much
how to forget thet learning but sir now
it did me yeoman service wilt thou know
the effect of what i wrote

an earnest conjuration from the king
as england was his faithful tributary 
as love between them like the palm might flourish
as peace should still her wheaten garland wear
and stand a comma btween their amities 
and many such like as es of great charge 
that on the voew and knowing of these contents 
without debament further more or less
he should those bearers put to sudden death 
not shriving time allowed

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