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Reading1.1.Tatem has discovered a
mathematical trend that shows that
over the past century womens
performance in sprinting events have
improved significantly faster than men.
2It is noticeable that from 1982 to
2000 the time gap between the female
and male time record had decreased.
3.Many scientists argue that men are
faster than women because of their 
bodies ,and the release os testosterone
that makes them more agressive.
2.1Come to pass2Goes against the grain
of conventional thinking3compelling

3.1False.Sicientists think that men will
always be faster than women,however 
nobody knows what the potential of both
genders` bodies really is.
2.True.Like Tatem,making such a prediction
comes with a quite wide margin of error
and the margin of error for this prediction 
may mean that instead of happening in
2156,women may be faster than men
3False,the emergence of Usain Bolt has 
undermined Tatem`s theory ,now instead 
of the gap
4 True,scientists say that the release of 
testosterone makes men more agressive.
The release of explosive energy is a key 
component for sprinting faster.
41.Were made/2.Has just signed
3.Was lost/4.Are being openes
5.Might have been left

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