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REP:Direct speech                                          Indirect speech
Pres simpl(vb+s/-dont/?Do/does   Past con(+ed/2ª)-didn´t/?Did

Presn cont:Am/is/are+ing                   Past cont:was/were+ing
Pas S./Pre pf-ed//didn´t/?Did Past perf:had+ed/3ª/hadnt+ed/?Had..
=/have not/has not/have/has+ed/3ª             igual past perf
Will ----Would   Can---could       have to/must----had to    is-was
OTHER CH: direct                                        indirect
  here......There    this---that    these----those     last..The previous..        now--at that time     today/tonight---that day/that night                            tomorrow--the following day next...--the following...  yesterday--the previou
 NEXO:afirmativas:IF  pregunt:(YES/NO:if)(Quest w:Ques w)+suj+vb cambi        ordenes:+ TO/- NOT TO                              PASIV:1)suj+vbo pasiv+TO+inf 2)It+vbo pasiv+THAT...                               tell-told   say-said ask-asked  order-ordered 
had-had been/are thinking-are being thought/dont believe-arent believed/have agree-have been agreed/believes-is believed

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