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1/1e.2d.3f.4b.5h.6g.7i.8c.9a 2/1.To travel with a pet because it can cause problems.2.To see the bus when it arrived3.For leaving the party4.To buy a new car./3/.1.B.Package holiday,2.Travellers cheques,3.Service charges/4.Landmarks5.Departure time.6.Make reservations.

1/Frank...Where,which.Who.When.Whose.When.  2/I love books...Which,who,when,where,whose,whose,when,which.  3/1.The city where my old school used to be built a new park.2.Eric,who is older than me, passed his driving test. 3.Dan needs the car keys which are on the kitchen table. 4.Jenny and Ben,whose parentsare friends, are getting married.

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