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Tom was Returning on vacation, had been in France and he lived in a small town in Germany. He lived alone, since he had just become independent of his parents. Tom was nervous, but he remembered that he had his phone and wallet in his Jacket and decided to sit on a bench in the train station and think about what To do to find his suitcase.///After some time thinking about what to do, he remembered that in the zipper of his Suitcase, he put the address of his house "Mittenwald Street, 27". Tom decided to take the suitcase he had taken wrong and walked home with the Hope that the other person would return his suitcase. A few hours later someone Knocked on the door, quickly opened the door and found a tall blonde girl, Whose face was familiar. Tom surprised, invited her to come in and they both Returned the suitcase.///In the end, After a long conversation they realized that they had been friends at school, But when Tom moved from town they had lost contact. They both agreed to stay Another day. That night, Tom went happily to bed.

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