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my sister enjoys watching tv fashion shows 
our teacher is interested in taking care of nature 
i like to buy computer gadgets 
mom likes havingthings under control
nature lover enjoy sharing adventurous experiences
creating, surfing,taking, to have,spending.
to play,to move,to train, practicing,to play,to win,working,to try,to supports,playing,helping.
the legend waltdisney is one of the most recognized,the produces at the beginnigof1920,the artistic the was born in chicago,the archieve in the early 30.
live wire, worlds apart, has the knack.

how long have you studied english
for va años y since meses how long have to been in your group ,how long has been she your friend really.
been ,arrive,went,have attended,began,tookup,have won,has been,havent heard ,did,do.
for10 min,shehas been to some countries,,the girl,its beautiful.
CONVENIENT,INNOVATIVE the autor thinks its better to know something.
same boat,to hit, take a rain,page turner.

1tina had missed 2 inmmediately 3strangely,4 so she put 6misteriously 5unfortunately ,.
had signed , had check, had played, has called, has left, hadnt worn.
arrow,sword,riddle,evil,brave,grant,trip,reward,find out, far.
if we were elveswed live in a tiny tree, if my brother had a dragons as a pet my mom wouldnt like it, if the king were a knight hed have to defend his kingdom ,if i saw a fairy in my garden id ask her to grant me a wish,if i had magical powers id turn straw into gold.
i had heard-told,had thought-found,had fallen .Finished,arrived-had lost.
were- would turn, remembered-would tell,studied-would make,were-would be,granted-id ask.
i was between a rock and a hard place+ i didnt know what decision to make,he draw blank+ nothingcame to his mind,the spiderman give someone creeps+ i just ran, i hate it when i have something on the tip of my tongue.

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