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as soon as my 3 year old sister and i finished school, Christmas began and my sister was very impatient and nervous to meet and see Santa Claus. This was going to happen on December 24th in the corte ingles.0
at the beginning of the day everything was going well and she was very excited, our father had alredy left home in the morning, although she didnt give importance to that, later, prepared to go to the corte ingles to fulfill my sisters dream even though my father hand returned home. We were alredy there and we saw Santa Claus, there were few minutes left to meet him and take a picture with him. 0
Finally, when she go to him, his costume fell off and my sister could see how our father was that Santa claus, i couldnt  believe my eyes! It turned out that she didn't care so much because she was so small. In the end, we all finished well and now it has become an anecdote.

not at all-d ninguna manera, a bit-un poco, slightly-ligerammente, fairly-bastante,pretty, quite-bastante, really-d verdad, terribly, extremely, absolutely,completely. Dear,hi,how have you been?Whats new? It was great to hear from you, its been a long time! Everythings fine around here, things have been a bit carey lately, keep in touch, write bacas soon, all the best, yours,.. How is everything? Haven't heard from you in ages. I can believe that by christmas, i will have been in australia for six months!It seems like forever. Its not hard to get used to day after day of fantastic weather and sunshine. The weather forecast is for a heatwave over Christmas, so we will be celebrating with a beach barbecue - a barbie, as they call it here, just imagine - christmas on the beach.
believe it or not, im actually learning to surf. At first, i didn't have a club! It was a bit embarrasing, since most kids here surf really well, but im learning quickly. Luckily, i found an absolutely fantastic teacher-jennifer,a girl i met at a beach party
whats new with everyone back in liverpool_ its probably freezing cold by now! Does it pour every day_oh, and have you met any nice girls lately?
write and let me know whats been going on!   All the best, mike

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