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Traveling and visiting new countries can be an extremely thrilling Experience. I usually prefer to take guided tours to explore a new Destination. By doing that I get a chance to visit its most significant Landmarks, get to meet tourists from other countries and learn about The city’s most popular and authentic restaurants/. Upon joining professional excursions, tourists discover the prominent Cultural and historical buildings in cities, such as churches, monuments, Parks, and palaces. The tours are usually organized to cover most of These important places. For example, when I visited Dubai last year, I Joined the “Big Bus Tour” to explore this amazing city. While visiting the Dubai Musuem, I learned that this chief city was only built sixty years Ago. Haven’t I taken such a guided tour, I wouldn’t have known this fact About this metropolis city. /The other reason to prompt me in taking tour buses is the Opportunity to meet other tourists. Sharing the experience and spending time together gets you close to other people from different nationalities. This in return provides you with the chance of learning about other Cultures and maybe building frienships with them. As an example, while Touring in Mexico two years ago, I was acquainted to tourists from Various cultures and learned a lot about each other./ Another important factor to encourage me on taking bus tours is Learning about the city’s most popular restaurants. Although brochures And flyers usually contain such information, yet tour guides who live in They cities recommend more authentic local places. As an example, one of The best meals I tried was at a local restaurants in Mexico City where The guide advised us to go. It was a meal to remember/. In conclusion, taking professional excursions is worth the cost of it. You get to visit all the salient landmarks, learn about other cultures And get familiar with popular restaurants.

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