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Vocabulary 1 Collar: a Hangman´s noose Marry: a short From at by the virgin marry and so a mild exdanation Drawn: with your Sword out Pernicious: destructive Adversary: enemy Ere: before Fray: fight Drave: drove Rootheth: grows Made: moved, Covert, convening Portelous: Indication evil to come earting Importuned: asked in an urgent way sirvah Shrilt: confessions Cousin: any Relative or close from Vered: cleansed Gall: something Causing bitterness a hate Soft: wait a Minute Sadness: seriousness Bound: obligate Reckoning: Reputation.Unattand: unbarred.

Vocabulary 2 Conjure: use magic to call Him Demesnes: areas Medlar: a fruit that loons Like a small brown apple Anon: right away Mickle: great Benedicite: God bless you Brine: salt water Childst: scolded Man: servant Pump: shoe Cheveril: kidskin, which Is flexible Confidence: the nurse Means conference; she use big words without understanding their meaning Endite: Benvolio makes Furn of the nurse by using this word rather Ropery: roguery, jokes Clout: old cloth Sententious: the nurse Means sentences Apace: quickly Bandy: toss Simple: foolish Coil: fuss Countervail: outweigh

Vocabulary3 Doublet: jacket Riband: ribbon or laces Consorted: keep company With Boy: an insulting term of Address Tender: cherish Passado: a sword- fighting Moreover Badying: fighting Aspired: soned to Division: melody Runagate: runaway Dead: could refer either To Romeo or to Juliet´s heart Conduit: fountain Smatter: chatter Matched: matched Puling: crying Mammet: doll Beshrew: curse Amen: I agree- that is, Curse your heart and soul Fickle: changeable in loyalty Or affection Entertained: thought of Phoebus: Apollo, the God Of the sun The cords: the rope ladder Beguiled: cheated Wot: know Deom: sentence Doomsday: death Vanished: came Fond: foolish Dispute: discuss; estate: Situation

Vocabulary 4 Compass: limit; prorogue Postpone Vial: small bottle  Humor: liquid; no pulse Stay: stop Beguiled: trickd Peslilent: bothersome; Irritaling Drift: plan Unfurnesshed: unprepared Behest: cerders; enjoined: Commanded Orison: prayers Pastry: the room where Balking is done Lamentable: filled with Grief Pate: top of the head

Vocabulary 5 Penury: poverty Ducats: gold coins Bare: carried (bere) Aloof: some distance away: Cross: interfere Muffle: hide Jealous: curious Ensign: sign Dateless: elenned, never- Ending Comfortable: comforting Timeless: happening before Its proper time Cherl: miser Haply: dehops Attah: lord Kindred: family’s 

date of birth: 26 april  in Standford-upon-avon, 

Forever and a day: a way of behaviour of heating when people

A foregone conclusion: this refer to food the is of an explare quality

a sorry sight: a rogre table and unwelcome aspect or feature

all that glitters is not gold: not everything that looks precious or true turns out to be so 

all´ s well that end well: a risky enterpiece is justified as long as it turns

As dead as doornail: not active at all

at one fell swoop: suddlenly; in a simple actions

the be all and end all: the most important part of something or the reason

high time: the appropiate or part the appropiate time

in a pickle: in a guadory or some other difficult position  

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