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a little night music - send in the clowns - stephen sondheim

blood brothers - tell me it's not true - willy russell
jellicle song for a Jellicle cats - andrew lloyd webber
chicago - cell block tango - danny elfman
hair - aquarius - galt macdermot
i love you, you're... - i will be loved tonight - jimmy roberts
jekyll & hyde - we still have time - frank wildhorns
j.C. Superstar - i don't know how to love him - andrew lloyd webber
mar i cel - albert guinovart
miss saigon - the head is on in saigon - cluade-michel schönberg
los miserables - at the end of the day - 
què, el musical -  segona opurtunitat - manu guix
rent - jonathan larson
the phantom of the o - the phantom of the o - andrew lloyd webber
wicked - defying gravity - sthephen schwartz

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