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Rates and Ratios

Rates and ratios are the ratios between two or more numbers, divided by a colon. For example 

If Daniel, Esther and Fatima share $400 so that Daniel gets $200, Esther gets $150 and Narine gets $50, then we can write the ratio in which they share the money as:

Daniel : Esther : Fatima = 200 : 150 : 50

Ratios can also be fractions.

Daniel : Esther : Fatima = 200 : 150 : 50

                                          400   400  400


Perimeter is the distance around the circumference of a shape. (pi*d=Circumference)

Surface Area Formulas


Square = Base x Height

Rectangle = Base x Height

Triangle = (Perpendicular Height x Base) ÷ 2

Trapezium = (Top + Bottom Height) x Perp. Height ÷ 2

Parallelogram = Perpendicular Height x Base

Rhombus = (Length x Height) ÷ 2

Kite = (Length x Height) ÷ 2


2D Shapes x The amount of time they appear


Add = Make the bottom numbers the same then add the top ones together

Subtract = Make the bottoms numbers the same then subtract the top ones 

Multiply = Times Numerator by Numerator and Denominator by Denominator

Divide = Invert and Multiply

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