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¡Escribe tu texto aquí'It was almost three years ago, on 10 July 18— that we

experienced along this coast the most terrible storm that ever
came out of the heavens. But all morning, and even until late in
the afternoon, there was a gentle and steady wind from the
south-west, and not a cloud was to be seen.
'The three of us — my two brothers and myself— had crossed
to the islands at about two o'clock in the afternoon. We soon
loaded the boat with fine fish, which, we all agreed, were more
plentiful that day than we had ever known. It was just seven,
by my watch, when we started for home, so as to reach the
Strom when the water was calm. We knew the calm would be at
eight o'clock.
'For some time we sailed along at a great rate, never dreaming

of danger, until suddenly, without any warning, the wind!

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