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Once upon a time, there was a duckling duck who couldn’t sleep because he was afraid of the night. He was with his family of ducklings on the lake hiking.

The duckling got distracted looking at the rainbow and then he got lost.

The duckling began to look for his family and as he didn't find them, he began to cry.

It was night, and he was afraid of darkness and noise.

At the moment Mr.Owl appeared.

The duck told him what had happened to him, The owl began to look for the duckling’s family, while he slept. The owl, as he didn’t find them at night, he decided to rest and try again at dawn. When the duckling woke up, he saw the owl, with his family.

If the duck hadn’t been afraid of the dark, he would have found his family like

Mr.Own. Since that day, the duck became brave because he has learned to do

things even if he is afraid.

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